Standard ML of New Jersey

What's New

New release Version 110 is ready at last!
Join our SML/NJ logo contest! Fabulous prizes! (to be determined)


SML/NJ Software for Unix or Windows

Information on obtaining the SML/NJ system and related software.
New! Self-installing .EXE for Windows 95 or NT

Documentation and Literature

The directory tree of the SML/NJ web page documentation is available for downloading as a compressed tar file, and the Basis documentation pages are available as a gzipped tar file.

Reporting Bugs

Please send bug reports to using the bug report form. Or you can try out our new cgi bug form at Princeton. The record of currently known bugs and the bug history for SML/NJ are available via FTP.


Pointers to projects using SML/NJ, other SML implementations, and other resources.


Picture of current cast of people involved in the project.

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